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We offer a 5 year warranty on rotationally molded parts or products and a warranty of 1 year on electric components. For more information, please refer to our product warranty.


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Will the colour of the resin fade when exposed to the sun?

No, the resin is UV treated hence highly resistant to fading.

Do the products need to be stored in winter?

No, the products have been tested to withstand extreme weather, from the tropical sun to the harsh Canadian winters. Planters can also stay outside all winter without having to remove the potting soil.

In what kind of metal is the hardware?

All the hardware components are 18-8 stainless steel.

How does one do product maintenance?

The products do not need any maintenance. As seasons go by, cleaning with a water hose or jet power washer and a mild soap will enable you to remove stains due to weather conditions. Do not use abrasive detergents.

How to change the light bulb in the products?

Refer to guide 99.000.74 that you can find via the product [insert product here]

What types of bulb are in the products?

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs, 13W
Estimated lifespan 7000 hours


LED, 3W, 16 colours with remote control
Estimated lifespan 5000 hours

It is possible to use other types of light bulbs?

No, only compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs or DEL can be used since they do not produce heat.

Is it possible to use standard bulbs in the products?

No, only compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs or LED should be used. Standard ("old style"), incandescent and halogen lights or bulbs should never be used as they generate heat which can seriously damage the product.

Can solar powered bulbs be used in the products?

No, because of the sheer size of the products, solar powered bulbs will not glow sufficiently to obtain satisfactory results.

Can one fix illuminated products close to a swimming pool or spa?

To avoid the risk of an electric shock, keep the product and its electric cord at a minimum distance of 16 feet (5 metres) from the pool or spa. Also keep the plug and receptacle dry. Please refer to your city, state or provincial building code for more details. For non illuminated products, there are no restrictions.

Can one place an illuminated product close to a fireplace?

Yes, it is possible but one should make sure to place the product at a reasonable distance from the heat source, the same distance as a person would need to be to be safe.

Do the planters have drainage systems or drainage holes?

Yes, a drainage system is integrated in every planter.

Planting tip: Place a geotextile membrane at the bottom of the planter to stop the potting soil from escaping through the drainage holes and create a gravel bed to improve drainage.

How to prevent products from tipping over in strong winds?

Two options :

  1. On hard surfaces (patio, concrete, etc.) one can use the anchor system developped by Twist.

  2. On grass or other soft surfaces, one can remove the lighting system and add weight by filling the cavity with one or two sandbags of 20lbs (10kg).

Can products be exposed or placed in contact with chlorine?

The material is chlorine resistant. Many of our products without light are frequently used in swiming pools.

In what maximum water depth can the KURVE and SIESTA be used?

The pool loungers have been designed to be used on swimming pool tanning ledges/splash pads.
The maximum recommended depth is 10'' (25cm). For the KURVE lounger with Riser, the maximum recommended depth is 15'' (38cm).

What is your product warranty?

Rotationally molded components are covered by a 5 year warranty while electric components are covered for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Are the products recyclable?

All our plastic/resin materials are recyclable. Products in black colour are made of plastic/resin that is 100% recucled. Our manufacturing process does not generate any plastic/resin waste.


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